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US Cities With the Best Weather

For many people, climate is one of the biggest considerations in choosing a city to visit, move to, or for retirement. Use these lists to find cities with the best weather in the United States for each season and month.

Studies have found that most people prefer the same kind of city weather. The lists here apply that information to select America's major cities which have the best weather.

To make the list, a city has monthly averages that include maximum temperatures of 68 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 26 degrees Celsius) and less than one day a week with rain. Each city also has light winds, averaging under 10 miles per hour (16 kilometres an hour) and gets more sun than most other US cities.

As noted for each season, a few cities on the lists lie just outside of these climatic ideals, but still rank among those having the best weather.

The 40 major cities that were evaluated for the best weather rankings are all cities in the United States with over 440,000 people on July 1, 2006, according to the US Census Bureau's estimates.

While these lists are just of large US cities, any places nearby that have similar geography likely share their good weather.

Cities With Warm and Dry Winter Weather

Cities with warm winter weather are in Florida, Arizona and southern California, where the climate remains wonderful from at least November to February.

Only Los Angeles and Long Beach stay warm enough, though, to keep within the best temperature range all winter. The Arizona cities also have perfect temperatures in February. Otherwise the cities on this list get a little cooler during winter months, although daily highs usually get up to the mid-60s Fahrenheit.

Phoenix and Tucson average at most four days of rain a month in winter, while the rest are slightly above that. Jacksonville, with its 6 to 8 rainy days each month, is a little wetter than the other cities listed below.

  • Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona in December, January and February
  • Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Diego, California in December, January and February
  • Jacksonville, Florida in December, January and February


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